A Doctor You Can Trust

Dr. James Monk

“Doctor after doctor told me it was all in my head.”

In 1973, I was a senior at the University of Iowa when I began having severe abdominal pain, reflux and vomiting which led to an unhealthy weight loss. I worked in the biochem-hematology lab part-time at the University of Iowa Hospital when an internist there recommended that I get an upper GI exam.
His diagnoses was pre-ulcerative gastritis which particular concerned me because I’d lost two relatives to stomach cancer.

By coincidence or perhaps Divine Intervention, a friend, who was in chiropractic school stopped to visit me and was alarmed at how bad I looked after weeks of not being able to eat without getting sick. He explained to me that the nerve supply to my stomach was in my upper back and when he touched that area it was very tender.

I accompanied him to the Palmer College where x-rays revealed that I had a curvature in my upper back. I began receiving spinal adjustments and taking some nutritional support and to my absolute astonishment and joy within a couple of weeks all of my symptoms were gone! I could actually eat some foods that I’d never been able to eat before.

Dr. Monk and his Family
My family is spread out in age and geography. Josh works in Washington, D.C. He received his B.S. Degree at the University of Oklahoma and his MBA from Oklahoma City University. He’s a huge OU and Dallas Cowboy Fan.

Sarah Graduated from Norman North High School and the University of Oklahoma and is now working for a law firm in Oklahoma City.

Christian graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s High School and is now a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma. She is currently in Seoul, South Korea studying abroad.

As for me, I do spend a lot of my time out of the office reading and watching continuing education DVD’s. However since my background is an Iowa farm boy, I find it therapeutic to be outside especially if there is a tractor involved.

I try to follow my own advice. I take many nutritional supplements, eat organic food whenever possible, try to exercise regularly and receive regular chiropractic adjustments.

We recently donated $2,500 to the Special Olympics of Oklahoma!

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